Innovative Medizintechnik vom
aktiven Rettungsdienstler


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*** RettMobil 2024 *** EMIL, EVA, EMMA und ELMO ⬛ 🔥 live on stage 🕺🏾 ***

Unsere Produkte auf der RettMobil auf unserem Partnerstand mit MeetB:

⬛ 🔥 AK MedTec 👉 Halle F Stand 1221

Nippel 🧊, Gänsehaut 🧊, Hypothermie, 📉📈Wärmezufuhr 🔥 und der Wärmeerhalt 🔥 ist und bleibt ein wichtiges Thema.

Kommt vorbei und überzeugt euch von den innovativen Produkten der AK MedTec GmbH ‼️

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The EMIL heated stretcher support from AK MedTec is a patented system. The EVA heatable vacuum mattress is a patent-pending system. The content of the statements on EVA, EMIL, EMMA (heatable vacuum mattress for childs) ELMO (universal support) are identical. Essentially, the system is identical in construction. All information can be found here: DOWNLOAD

So far, it has only been a matter of course for every driver

In principle, the products initially represent an absolutely contemporary comfort tool for every patient. Thanks to this product, the days of randomly tempered stretcher padding are over. This leads to patient’s satisfaction with the rescue service and patient transport increases significantly. The rescue worker no longer has to justify cold stretcher padding to the patient. A standard that every healthy person already takes for granted in a car. All informations can be downloades here.

Advantages of heated stretcher padding

The original goal of the products is the prevention and regulation of hypothermia. It leads to::

  • coagulation disorder
  •  cardiodepressive arrhythmia
  • electrolyte imbalance
  • Change in medication metabolism
  • infections

A must in emergency rescue and patient transport

For sick people, the prdoducts should be standard in emergency rescue and patient transport. Many emergency situations and circumstances in patient transport justify the all the year round use of heated stretcher padding::

  • traumatised patients with major blood loss
  • burns
  • intoxications
  • induced hypothermia
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal apparatus
  • sepsis
  • old people (reduced heat generation)
  • paediatric emergencies
  • improved medication metabolism

Product variant heated stretcher support


Operation of EVA, EMIL, EMMA and ELMO is child’s play.

Analog or via app in the future

It was very important to us that we create the handling for the rescue service staff in such a way that everyone finds his or her own personal comfort zone. The heated stretcher padding can be controlled directly via the control panel as well as via a control app. The app is perspective available for iOS and Android.:

Analog oder zuknftig per App

Cleaning & Hygiene

All AK MedTec products stand for the fact that they are developed by an active rescue service employee for active rescue service employees. Apart from all the positive characteristics for patients, it has been a great concern to us to design the heated stretcher padding also in a contemporary way, which means in terms of cleaning and hygiene.

No chance for liquids

All products does not give body fluids any chance to penetrate into the inside of the stretcher padding. All seams are welded and internal. The control unit and the battery compartment cover are also protected against penetration of liquids.


If the stretcher padding is very dirty, no careful manual cleaning is necessary. The stretcher padding can easily be cleaned from dirt with a water jet. The disinfection is then carried out as defined, without coming into even close contact with the rest of the patient’s body fluids.

It is easy to clean – without any cracks and rough edges.

Therefore no reworking is necessary. The heated stretcher padding can be immediately taken with. This makes the product as a whole very easy to care for.


The future of our “Smart Textiles” defines, on the one hand, the daily experience in the active rescue service and, on the other hand, of course, the technical development up to industry 4.0.

Multifunctional padding 4.0

If we follow the experiences from the active rescue service, then all “cables” that go from the peripheral diagnostics in the direction of the stretcher and the patient, are a problem that has been existing for decades in the work of the ambulance. For this reason, our visionary product combines the needs of rescue service staff with the technical possibilities that are available to us nowadays and in the future. The result will be the multifunctional padding 4.0.

Vital parameters given directly from the multifunctional padding

With the completion of this product, annoying cables in the ambulance are a thing of the past. If desired, the vital parameters can be transferred to a hospital for evaluation in real time and pushed into the digital documentation so that a comfortable workflow in the rescue service is guaranteed. This innovation makes it much easier for rescue personnel to work and therefore gives them more time to provide adequate care for patients.



Our heated stretcher support EMIL has been adaptive for stretchers from our partner Stollenwerk since its market launch in May 2020. EMIL has also been available for all other manufacturers since the end of 2020. The same applies to EVA.

Stollenwerk & meetB

You can find your contact person via the following links:

  meet  procame



My name is Andreas Körner. I have been working in the rescue service since 1989, I am an emergency paramedic and have been very familiar with MPG for many years.

Innovative medical technology from active rescue service personnel

I have been involved in many situations, from patient transport in the PTA to severe trauma in the ambulance, both, my colleagues and I have felt the need for the heated stretcher padding for patient transport.

A matter of course that was not on the market

The first research showed that such a product did not yet exist. No manufacturer offered a heated stretcher padding which surprised me very much. Every healthy person is happy about a heated car seat and does not want to miss this comfort in any way. Only for patients, this should not be possible, whereby the conservation of heat is elementary in every situation and is published in every textbook.

Overwhelming feedback from the active rescue service

Full of conviction and with a lot of enthusiasm, I took on this project together with a friendly prototype builder and made the first heated stretcher padding in 2015. The response from specialists, which were all active rescue service personnel (emergency doctors, emergency paramedics, rescue assistants, emergency medical technician), was overwhelming. Driven by this motivation, I put more and more effort into this project.

Market launch in May 2020

Now, after almost 4 years and a meanwhile professional team of developers, designers and supporters, I am close to the goal of market launch. Thanks to the support of the companies Stollenwerk and meetB, for the first time, I was able to present a demonstrator at the RettMobil in Fulda in 2018. This has clearly shown how important heat conservation is for our patients in daily use and not only on cold days. At the RettMobil 2019, a finished prototype will be presented on the stand of Stollenwerk and meetB. This will be available from May 2020.


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